3. 6XT7, a high-spec unit that transcends genres and borders, releases a new single “Hello Darkness” for distribution!

6XT7, a high-spec unit that transcends genres and borders, releases a new single “Hello Darkness” for distribution!


6XT7 was formed in LA by TASZ from Taiwan and LISA from Australia. Dark
Digital rock, TASZ’s destructive glow and LISA’s mysterious and glossy vocals
It creates a unique world view. Their music is trap metal and Neo 80’s,
It is expressed in various genres, such as gothic and alterna …, but comes in a word
Difficult. That’s because 6XT7 itself does not stick to the boundaries. 1s in 2017
tSingle “KING & QUEEN” won No.1 on rock charts in Taiwan. They got the attention
In March last year, they released triple singles “Goth Star”, “Die for you” and “Unbroken” in Japan.
Released on a streaming service, it had an impact on edgy music fans.
It’s part of Digi Rock, Loud Rock, Rap and even Japan Culture
Influenced by a certain visual artist
Because it was a truck.
絶 Their works are highly acclaimed by artists and creators who like new things in Japan
Voices are rising, and they are deepening exchanges with each other. Around them, their Instagram (6x
t7_official), so if you are interested, please take a look.
In addition to the release of sound sources, last year he also started experimental live activities in Japan. Sapo
Add an auto-drummer, add depth to the sound and develop an aggressive performance
Have been. By the way, it is impressive that the appearance of 6XT7 in any box changes the air clearly.
Probably, the stylish and overwhelming presence of the two also adds to the live performance

And 2020-6XT7 released with confidence to make this year a leap year
Shin single “Hello Darkness” (released January 20). Distorted guitar crawling on the ground
The song goes on thrilling with the gross and rap of TASZ and the rust with a sense of scale
LISA is a transparent vocal that explodes power at once. If you listen to an outdoor festival
¤Sorry, it feels good. Because the music of 6XT7 raises the tension of the listener
Because it is full of energy. Beyond this, lighten borders and genres
It will jump over and spread cool sounds around the world. “What kind of music do you listen to recently
Are you? If you say “6XT7” when asked, you may be able to take a glance.
An artist that I would recommend to those who are hungry for stimulation. The sound source is various streaming
It is available as a service, so please take this opportunity to check it out. MV is also cool
Because it is finished, pay attention to it!

[Text: Atsushi Kaie]
Official Site:https://www.6xt7.com/