3. Super-unique group, “M.S.S Project” releases “M.S.S. Period”, the best CD album for their 10th anniversary!

Super-unique group, “M.S.S Project” releases “M.S.S. Period”, the best CD album for their 10th anniversary!


“M.S.S Project” started to post live / play-by-play reporting on games etc. on Niconico Video (the largest video streaming service in Japan; “Niconico” may mean “smile”) in September 2009 and has hammered out a tremendous number of views. M.S.S Project is a game-reporting / music-creation unit that consists of 4 members, FB777, KIKKUN-MK-II, Aroma Hot, and eoheoh. Their hilarious live talks combined with passionate creation of songs full of entertainment factors have grasped the heart and mind of many fans. After performing most unique activities, they realized performance in Nihon Budo-kan (one of the largest concert / sport arenas in Japan) in February 2017 and later conquered other huge-sized venues such as Yokohama Arena and Saitama Super Arena, etc., and that very successfully. They planned to hold an event in Yokohama Stadium in May this year but unfortunately it was canceled due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus. But they released their latest CD album, “M.S.S. Period”! Its melody and songs will for sure signify the group’s “presence”. Four of them will talk about their new album for us today.

I hope my fans will fully enjoy “eoheoh’s theme” on our live concerts (eoheoh).

Q: On your new album, “M.S.S. Period”, its title includes a word, “Period”, also meaning an “age” or “era”, which I think stands for the timing of your group’s 10th anniversary, right?

FB777: Right! We’ve given it “Period” to mean the best of ours or “aggregation” of what we’ve done thus far on the 10th anniversary or to make it a period and refresh / renew ourselves. I guess this album contains “chaos” of MSSP (short for M.S.S Project) as an aggregation or “maximized mixedness”, indeed.

Q: It is mixed…, or full of or even abundant with your members’ uniqueness. While each member’s personality is so unique, however, the album does have a sense of unity, I feel.

FB777: Do you really think so? That may be too much. One thing to tell you is that our albums are assumed to be also played in live settings, which may have brought forth such unity. Anyway, we are creating “as we’d love to”, as ever!

Q: In a style that each of your members would freely contribute their own songs?
FB777: Right!

KIKKUN-MK-II: We really don’t discuss things. Each of us brings his own and we just record them without questioning what’s offered.

Q: The most impressive among them is “eoheoh’s theme” that eoheoh has created, a very catchy one that surprised me.

eoheoh: I’ve thought about several songs with “a melody that I thought should be woven into our album”; lyrics that match it were inserted when making one. At the time it was not titled “eoheoh’s theme” but they said that “it should like that”. Then I adjusted its lyrics and completed the song. Honestly I felt different when I made my own song, but it’s turned out to be ok.

Q: Moreover, it’s been created to be pop-like to make you feel positive.

FB777: It’s a good one, indeed!
eoheoh: It’s been made a pop-like song; I hope my fans will fully enjoy it on our live concerts.

Q: I can imagine that your fans are loving it big time.

FB777: Honestly, KIKKUN and I are not so good at making such a song.
KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: No, indeed. We are not of a “positive” personality but of a negative, as we’ve loved songs with darkness (dark ambience).
FB777: We do love minor-scale melodies.

Q: You guys don’t look like someone of a “negative personality” to me…

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: Yes, we two are exactly of a negative one, as both of us would get seated in a “corner” when in a party venue or something.
FB777: Right. Thus, eoheoh bringing us positive songs is of a great help for us.
KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: eoheoh may be a genius!
eoheoh: I’m flattered.

Q: Well, it should be good to receive such “new blood” (taste). Then, you’ve been (= Aroma Hot) influenced by him also, right?

Aroma Hot: Me? I am not interested in music, “at all”…, so.
All members: You are!
FB777: You shouldn’t ask him something like that.

Q: No? I shouldn’t?? Well, what do you guys love about eoheoh’s songs?

Aroma Hot: I haven’t listened to his, at all.

All members: We haven’t?

eoheoh: Good buddy, right?

Q: I understood!

“M.S.S. Period” includes a word, “Period”, also meaning a “term” or “end”, which I think stands for the timing of our group’s 10th anniversary as a period to move forward to a next phase (FB777).

Q: You’ve said that each of your members create songs freely, where I understand that the first one, an instrumental one, “Garnd Cross” has been composed by KIKKUN (KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ), which I think has a hard-rock taste and shows KIKKUN’s “uniqueness”.

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: I am not really aware of it, but I admit I have often listened to European / American music such as metal ones for long, which I may have partially used in my music, unconsciously. And for this piece, it is my first time that I’ve created one centered around a seven-string guitar, whose low-tone vibration I guess matches the title, “Grand Cross”. Actually, it’s ended up being like FB’s “Southern X”, by title.

FB777: “Southern X” was supposed to be an instrumental one, but while we were producing it, we thought it’d be more interesting if mixed with vocals. As I have an image of super-technique one overseas, its main appeal is not vocal, though.

Q: FB’s songs seem to have been influenced by techno ones or EDM (electronic dance music), in a good contrast to KIKKUN’s. The second one, “Metal Slasher Slayers Players” is “hard” even in its title, where I think you tried to be in “sync” with KIKKUN.

FB777: Personally, that song of mine has a slight “joking” taste.

Q: Joking?

FB777: When I performed Daikiri (Japanese comedy-like stage performance) for Christmas, they asked me what “MSSP” would indeed mean….

eoheoh: Short for what, right?

FB777: Right! And I gave them an answer, more or less jokingly, which would end up becoming the title of it. The song is cool but has something wrong, which the title does fit. I personally didn’t mind how to give a title to my songs much and do so as soon, like that.

Q: A good anecdote, right?

FB777: This title does match this song; I’ve written its lyrics with passionate words. Maybe too much or too hot; I just hope we all along with our fans can sing it together. Made very hot and passionate, rather deliberately, but should be good for live concerts for our fans to enjoy.

Q: Mysteries of your mindset to “have fun seriously”! Tell me, then, the song among them all that you yourself would recommend.

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: “Bio Gorilla”, without doubt! Can’t miss it.

Q: You talked about it in “Muda Talk 8” (Muda literally meaning “waste”, collectively meaning their relaxed recollection on their production process) recorded at the end of your album!

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: The title, “Bio Gorilla”, itself impressed me at first, when I hadn’t listened to it yet, wondering “what it meant” at all. I couldn’t readily start to listen to it for its impact.

Q: I for sure wondered what kind of song it would be; I listened to it and figured that FB’s tastes were fully expressed in it.

FB777: As it was supposed to be.

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: Its title itself is nothing but a joke, nonetheless.

FB777: To tell you the truth, “bio-gorilla” jokes have been around on net for 10 years or so, where gorillas would judge contemporary people based on their “jungle’s rules”. When I more or less completed the song, I decided on its “gorilla” tastes. I love this one most in this album, in person.

eoheoh: It does have “gorilla tastes”, in its melody.

FB777: I don’t like to give my songs a “cool” title, either.

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: I recommend that you listen to it when you are tired!

eoheoh: I myself love “Drive a Go! Go!”… sounding a bit silly.

All members: We all do!

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: Right. Simply put, “Drive a Go! Go!” is a song for mini-four-wheel (toy cars). I tried to express your excitement when you are driving, at first; but I thought it’s not for me. We hardly drive or don’t have the driver’s license in the first place (even if we do, we can’t drive well anyway). Then I came across an idea to create a song with mini-four-wheel that I loved as its theme. But its lyrics don’t sound like mini-four-wheel’s. You can tell its silliness if you listen to it after knowing its image is of mini-four-wheel. Not on Benz, at least.

FB777: No. It’s “positive” for MSSP and thus is important.

Q: eoheoh has created one more, “Colors”, the 14th of the album, which is also very pop-like.
FB777: He creates songs with a melody, extremely pop-like, that KIKKUN or I couldn’t create, which is very helpful for us.

eoheoh: Talking about “creation”, what I do is just to come up with a basic melody and write lyrics on it. This one is a bit ballad-like. While I myself played the role of vocal for “eoheoh’s theme”, “Colors” is made to be sung by four of us all, in which our fans can participate. “Colors” means those of four of us.

FB777: It’s great, and necessary for us to construct good live concerts.

Q: I also personally want to mention “World of Silver” featuring Miku Hatsune (a virtual idol / singer, who is non-existent in the real world but looks so alive). Her voice matches its melody, does it?

FB777: With its title and rap part in mind, I thought Miku Hatsune would fit it most. She contributes to such a “mixedness” of this album more or less. I used to “let” her sing instead; these days I sing by myself often, too. Bringing her here would complete the picture, anyway.

Q: What do you think about it, Aroma?

Aroma Hot: I don’t know because I haven’t listened to it, unfortunately.

All members: You haven’t!!

FB777: Again, you shouldn’t ask him a question like that.

Q: A tough interviewee, indeed. The album ends with a song titled “M.S.S Period”, the same as the title of the album, a positive one reminiscent of the ending of a live concert.

FB777: Its melody is of a standard rock taste, with which I wanted to finish our album.

Q: Very impressive, as its lyrics are forward-looking, too.

FB777: As I said, this album marks or gives a period (not “end”) to our 10th anniversary, as “M.S.S Period” includes a word, “period”, where we “set” it once and will start to move forward again, into our “next phase”, as our wish.

Q: I am looking forward to it.

FB777: I am very sorry that our performance in Yokohama Stadium on 23rd May was cancelled but I hope we can sing in a large venue like that again and we are trying to add some new factors. So please do look forward to our “next phase”; we’ll show songs in the album to be released in our live concerts, too!

[Interview / writing by Atsushi Kaie]

My recommended spot / food in Japan

FB777: Soup Curry / food
This should be the very food unique to Japan, which I believe has come from my hometown, Hokkaido. While not all Japanese people may not know this, but it is peculiar to Japan and non-Japanese would for sure love it. We ourselves love it much, too!

KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ: Sushi and Tempura (food)
I love both of them! We all are from Hokkaido, which has many low-priced Kaiten Zushi (Sushi restaurant with “Kaiten” meaning “going around”, where various Suchi will be served on a circulating table like an assembly line) !

Aroma Hot: BB (boil-in-the-bag) food / food
While other countries may have many foods of this type, Japan has got high-quality ones even for “plain rice”; you can buy them even at convenience stores and any of our BB foods would taste good without fail, where I believe “family” tastes are reflected in them!

Eoheoh: Kyoto / spot
I’ve been there 5 times of so as I love the place; I especially love “Torii” (Shinto shrine’s symbolic gate) and I don’t fail to visit “Senbon Torii” (Senbon meaning one thousand) in Fushimi Inari Taisya when I go to Kyoto. As those sites are unique to Japan, tourists in Japan should visit them if they have a chance.

CD Album

M.S.S Project
“M.S.S. Period”
2,800 yen (+ tax)
Released on 22nd April 2020